How to update National Instruments myRIO firmware and Real-Time

myRIOThe National Instruments myRIO requires to have the same Real-Time module  installed on as the one that is installed  with LabVIEW to be able to use, if an old version is installed on the myRIO then when you plug the myRIO in the “NI myRIO USB monitor” will disable LabVIEW from the menu (see fig 1), if you are using the latest version of LabVIEW then you will need to update the firmware* or use an older version of LabVIEW.

* Updating the firmware will delete all code installed on the myRIO.

 Instructions on how to update the BIOS and firmware on the myRIO:


Tools required:

  • LabVIEW 2014 (fall) or later
  • NI MAX


How to check the version of the LabVIEW Real-Time is installed.

  1. Plug in myRIO
  2. The LabVIEW USB monitor launches (fig 1)
  3. If Labview is disabled, then Real-time needs updating
  4. Click “configure NI myRIO”
  5. Allow Silverlight to run in the browser, required the myRIO web interface to run (fig 1b)
  6. Under “Software Management” it will display which version of the “LabVIEW Real-Time”  is installed and which version of LabVIEW to use (fig 2)

Update BIOS and Real-Time instruction guide.

  1. Launch NI MAX
  2. Under remote systems select myRIO and select update firmware (BIOS) (fig 5a-g)
  3. Browse and select the cfg file e.g. myRIO-1900_2.0.0f2.cfg
  4. Click Begin Update
  5. Enter  username admin and no password (default)
  6. It will begin transferring/flashing the firmware image
  7. Once restarted, you can now update the LabVIEW Real-TIME
  8. Launch NI MAX
  9. Right click on software under the remote systems (fig 6) and select “Add/Remove Software”
  10. Select latest version of real-time (fig 6b)
  11. Select optional add-ons (fig 6c-d)
  12. Update completed, now the NI myRIO USB Monitor allows you to launch LabVIEW (fig 7)


fig 1

fig 1a

fig 2

fig 3

fig 4

fig 5

fig 5b

Fig 5c

fig 5d

fig 5e

fig 5f

fig 5g

fig 6

fig 6b

fig 6c

fig 6d

fig 7


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