Matlab Simulink and Raspberry PI

Last week Mathworks held a Raspberry Pi workshop on site in the Merchant Venturers Building, they introduced us to using Simulink with Raspberry pi’s, I found the afternoon interesting and thought I would share the training material for others who couldn’t attend to have a go,  on the day we used Raspberry PI Camera module however, I have repeated the examples using a USB web camera (Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Web camera) and the examples worked just as well.


Simulink Raspberry Pi Workshop material – zip  Simulink_Rasp_Pi_Workshop_R2013b_R2014a_R2014b_R2015a_R2015b

Simulink and Raspberry Pi Workshop Manual – PDF Simulink_Rasp_Pi_Workshop_R2013b_R2014a_R2014b_R2015a_R2015b

How to setup Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi – PDF Installation instructions



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