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Quarantine network Information

What functionality does the Quarantine for specialist equipment network have?

  • Quarantine networks has no outbound or inbound internet access.
  • RDP and SSH traffic is permitted into and out of the quarantine network from the Quarantine Windows Terminal Server only.
  • Quarantine networks has access to central DNS servers and Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).
  • Quarantine networks has access to license servers (ports only) that have been approved by CAB :
    • Mathworks Matlab
    • National Instruments Labview
    • Autodesk (Zone E)
    • Key Management Services (KMS)
  • Quarantine networks have no outbound access to any other University networks
  • Machines in the quarantine network can be configured with:
    • A generic local user account or multiple local accounts.
    • No antivirus program (however it is advisable to have one installed).
    • No security updates, so projects can run longer without the need of interruptions.
    • Not dependant to network resources.

Information can be found here